Funny man wrote a serious book, It's Not Your Fault. One American's experience of seeking enlightenment through Trancendental Meditation and the works of Eckhart Tolle. It's the adventure of a lifetime. As it is a short book it's only 99 cents!

Who Is Jim Fenn?
I'm coining a new word, untrigued, like underwhelmed. Untrigued is the word for when an ad attemps, and fails, to intrique the curiosity of the viewer.
A short bio, 200 words, it says here. Thatís a tough one for me. I only recently started writing for publication. When I was young I had
vague thoughts that I might be a writer someday. Among many other things. I donít really think my personal life has anything to do with
my writing. I have a facility with words, something I was born with no doubt. Also I write about TV and movies. Heck, Iím practically an
anti intellectual. For example hereís my take on the game of chess, two people sit down, are bored for a while, then one of them is unhappy.

Okay, I was born in a hospital. Later, I joined the Marine Corps. Boot camp was fun but after that I mostly hung around in warehouses.
I Have spent some time in various schools. My favorite class was art appreciation. The teacher made us draw and paint and I discovered
I was good at it. So that is how you have come to hold this art book in your hands. I mean this book of parodies.

I have published several books of parodies, "Bet you can't read just one."

Most books $2.99 or less!

Pirate Raiders of the Star Trek Wars, paperback version.
Pirate Raiders of the Str Trek Wars [book 1],
Buffy Angel Firefly Next Generation [book 2],
Lord Rings Bourne Xena I Robot [book 4],
Lone Ranger Resident Evil Battlesta [book 5],
Red Dwarf 5ive Days Eureka [book 6],
Big Bang Back Future Buffy Hobbit [book 7],
Warehouse 13 E T Pi [book 8],
Airplane Python Grail North Expose [book 9],
North Expose Breaking Bad Caddyshack Teen Wolf [book 10],
Teen Wolf Breaking Bad Dude Car [book 11],
Elvira Twister Batman Young Frankenstein [book 12],
Star Trek Twin Peaks Scissorhands Phantom [book 13],
Seinfeld Zorro Musketeers Kong (Book 14).
Lexx Housewives Forever Knight Tin Man (Jim Fenn Books Book 15),
Lois & Clark Saw Babylon 5 Smallville (Jim Fenn Books Book 16),
Next Volume Lois & Clark Smallville Babylon 5 (Book 17)
Matrix Star Trek Buffy Elvira.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some pictures.

And here's my wacky Scrabble word definitions, Scramblers