Who Is Jim Fenn?
When asked for an amusing incident, Mr. Fenn said, "Last Halloween I put a large airblown black cat in the yard.
Several times after that I was startled to see a large animal in the yard. Then I would remember putting it there.
A short bio, 200 words, it says here. Thatís a tough one for me. I only recently started writing for publication. When I was young I had
vague thoughts that I might be a writer someday. Among many other things. I donít really think my personal life has anything to do with
my writing. I have a facility with words, something I was born with no doubt. I did win an editor's choice
award at Poetry.com. Also I write about TV and movies. Heck, Iím practically an
anti intellectual. For example hereís my take on the game of chess, two people sit down, are bored for a while, then one of them is unhappy.

Okay, I was born in a hospital. Later, I joined the Marine Corps. Boot camp was fun but after that I mostly hung around in warehouses.
I Have spent some time in various schools. My favorite class was art appreciation. The teacher made us draw and paint and I discovered
I was good at it. So that is how you have come to hold this art book in your hands. I mean this book of parodies.

I have published several books of parodies, "What's good on TV?"

Most books 99 cents, or less!

Pirate Raiders of the Star Trek Wars, paperback version.
Pirate Raiders of the Str Trek Wars [book 1],
Buffy Angel Firefly, the Next Generation [book 2],
Deep Space Kolckak Enterprise Tremors,
Lord Rings, Bourne Hercules and Xena, Totally Recall I Robot Die Hard [book 4],
Lone Ranger, Resident Evil, Battlestar, Steed & Peel Avengers, Galactica [book 5],
Red Dwarf District 9 Elysium Life Force Invasion The Triangle 5ive Days to Midnight Eureka [book 6],
Big Bang Back Future Time After Time Groundhog Name Earl Weird Science Jurassic Park Terry Pratchett Middleman [book 7],
Warehouse 13 Hitchhikerís Dirk Adventurer Cadavra Returns ET Pi Librarian [book 8],
Airplane Cheap Detective Dracula Dead Python Grail Police Squad North Exposure [book 9],
North Expose Sherlock Castle Breaking Bad Croc Dundee Undercover Brother Caddyshack Teen Wolf Gravity [book 10],
Teen Wolf (TV) Romancing Stone Breaking Bad Hobbit 2 Dude Car? Ridgemont Hi Married Axe Murderer [book 11],
Soap Elviraís Mega Barney Miller Goonies Twister Batman Blazing Hood Gromit Big China Young Frankenstein [book 12],
Star Trek Twin Peaks Wallace Gromit Ed Wood Scissorhands Phantom [book 13],
Seinfeld Warehouse 13 Phantom Fringe Zorro Dowling Musketeers Kong Wolf Lake (Book 14).
Lexx Housewives Forever Knight Tin Man (Jim Fenn Books Book 15),
Transcendence Lois & Clark Saw Babylon 5 Smallville (Jim Fenn Books Book 16),
Next Volume Lois & Clark Smallville Babylon 5 (Book 17)
Book 18 Matrix Brisco Star Trek Buffy Angel Eerie Nether Elvira .

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some pictures.

And here's my wacky Scrabble word definitions, Scramblers