Who Is Jim Fenn?
When asked for an amusing incident, Mr. Fenn said, "Last Halloween I put a large airblown black cat in the yard.
Several times after that I was startled to see a large animal in the yard. Then I would remember putting it there.
A short bio, 200 words, it says here. Thatís a tough one for me. I only recently started writing for publication. When I was young I had
vague thoughts that I might be a writer someday. Among many other things. I donít really think my personal life has anything to do with
my writing. I have a facility with words, something I was born with no doubt. I did win an editor's choice
award at Poetry.com. Also I write about TV and movies. Heck, Iím practically an
anti intellectual. For example hereís my take on the game of chess, two people sit down, are bored for a while, then one of them is unhappy.

Okay, I was born in a hospital. Later, I joined the Marine Corps. Boot camp was fun but after that I mostly hung around in warehouses.
I Have spent some time in various schools. My favorite class was art appreciation. The teacher made us draw and paint and I discovered
I was good at it. So that is how you have come to hold this art book in your hands. I mean this book of parodies.

"What's good on TV?"

Most books 0.99, or less!

Paperback versions available here.

Pirate Raiders of the Star Trek Wars [book 1],
Buffy Angel Firefly, the Next Generation [book 2],
Deep Space Kolckak Enterprise Tremors [Book3],
Lord Rings, Bourne Hercules and Xena, Totally Recall I Robot Die Hard [book 4],
Lone Ranger, Resident Evil, Battlestar, Steed & Peel Avengers, Galactica [book 5],
Red Dwarf District 9 Elysium Life Force Invasion The Triangle 5ive Days to Midnight Eureka [book 6],
Big Bang Back Future Time After Time Groundhog Name Earl Weird Science Jurassic Park Terry Pratchett Middleman [book 7],
Warehouse 13 Hitchhikerís Dirk Adventurer Cadavra Returns ET Pi Librarian [book 8],
Airplane Cheap Detective Dracula Dead Python Grail Police Squad North Exposure [book 9],
North Expose Sherlock Castle Breaking Bad Croc Dundee Undercover Brother Caddyshack Teen Wolf Gravity [book 10],
Teen Wolf (TV) Romancing Stone Breaking Bad Hobbit 2 Dude Car? Ridgemont Hi Married Axe Murderer [book 11],
Soap Elviraís Mega Barney Miller Goonies Twister Batman Blazing Hood Gromit Big China Young Frankenstein [book 12],
Star Trek Twin Peaks Wallace Gromit Ed Wood Scissorhands Phantom [book 13],
Seinfeld Warehouse 13 Phantom Fringe Zorro Dowling Musketeers Kong Wolf Lake [Book 14].
Lexx Housewives Forever Knight Tin Man [Book 15],
Transcendence Lois & Clark Saw Babylon 5 Smallville [Book 16],
Next Volume Lois & Clark Smallville Babylon 5 [Book 17],
Book 18 Matrix Brisco Star Trek Buffy Angel Eerie Nether Elvira [Book 18],
The TV Murder Mystery [Book 19],
Best Seller [Book 20]

Plus a book on spirituality It's Not Your Fault: How To Fix Your Screwed Up Life

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some pictures.

And here's my wacky Scrabble word definitions,

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